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Nereus was the Greek god of science and technology. A later mythology also tells of how he invented Stargate, which enabled travel between worlds. Inspired by the Greek myth, Nereus Innovation specializes in transporting ideas into the world of reality.

The company’s activities draw on the extensive expertise of its founders:

Yigal Erlich

Yigal is the Former Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, and has been the driving force behind the national and private systems supporting innovation in Israel. He is one of the founding fathers of the Israeli venture capital industry, and an international expert on promoting innovation and commercialization.

Kobi Cohen

Kobi is a certified public accountant and the former Chief Finance Officer of the Israeli Industry Center for Research and Development – Matimop. Has vast experience in submitting grant and funding proposals in national and international frameworks.

Gili Brenner – Storytelling and Communication Strategy

Gili holds an MPhil in Politics from Cambridge University, UK. She is a lecturer of English and Business English and drafts creative, high-quality content for video scripts as well as marketing materials for print, web, and presentations. At Nereus, she works with companies and entrepreneurs to craft and tailor their narrative to the desired proposal,  project, or audience. 

Noa Caspi – Budgeting, Auditing and Grant Submission Management

Noa is a Certified Public Accountant with many years of experience and proven success in submitting proposals to the EU and the Israel Innovation Authority. She provides clients with financial and regulatory guidance throughout the submission process.

Hovav Gilan – Senior Consultant

Hovav has extensive experience as a CEO and a leader of technological projects. He co-founded WellToDo, an Israeli water treatment startup, based on technology that had been developed at the Technion, and served as its CEO until 2020. The company has secured a great number of projects and grants from the Innovation Authority and from governmental bodies in Israel and the USA. Hovav has a proven track record in grant writing and application submission. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, a B.A. in Chemistry from the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and an M.B.A from the University of Liverpool.

Dr. Miriam Ben Hirsch-Gornemann, (MD, MPH, PhD)

Miriam brings more than 35 years’ experience as scientist, research director, professor and consultant for several public and private institutions in the USA, Spain and Israel. She has been the recipient of numerous national and European R&D grants and serves as an expert evaluator for the EC since 2012. She has help secured more than 45M Euro of funding to R&D groups and companies throughout her career.

Maayan Shahar

An experienced business development expert with over 13 years of experience in building companies from the ground up. Over the years, I have led in senior positions, as CEO and as consultant complex processes in small and large companies in diverse sectors. My expertise is in building strategic partnerships, opening markets and international activities, building sales teams, building efficient and effective work processes, negotiating, raising private capital, and helping companies apply for Israel Innovation Authority and EU grants. My activities are done out of a desire to create value and increase the impact of the company by looking at the human factor. My broad strategic vision help increases the profit line and business and organizational stability.

Einat Bungi

Einat has extensive experience with startups, project management and grant writing.  She received her law degree at Reichman University as well as an M.A. in Law and Technology.  During her time she has written many funding applications for the Israel Innovation Authority and guided  entrepreneurs through the framework of the Accessibility of Law to Startups Clinic. Additionally, Einat is an officer in the International Coordination Division in the Air Force and has actively assisted in the formulation of Strategic Action with Europe and Asia.  

Limor Prigan, ChE, MBA

High-energy Global Business & Technology Leader with visionary decision-making, strategy, execution and leadership acumen.  

‏Having over 20 years of global experience in Global Executive Biz Dev, Product, Project and Sales with strong technical background and proven track record of execution.

‏focuses on what we do best: DOING – making things happen – with quick ROI.

‏If you need to exact your business plan, raise funds, find partners or go full steam with commercialization,we are one stop-shop!

Gaya Yiflach

Project referent – deals with writing applications for funding from the Innovation Authority and the EU.

Gaya graduated from Reichman University with an LL.B. degree in law, and is currently studying for an M.A. degree in government.

Gaya has experience in writing, assimilating knowledge and leading projects after, as part of her military service as a flight simulator instructor, she was responsible for implementing a new flight trainer system for the Air Force from Aeronautics. In addition, as a student at the State Attorney’s Office, she assists in building and maintaining the systemic knowledge system.

Gaya provides voluntary assistance in Shil (a legal advisory service for citizens) and coordinates volunteers who provide tutoring to children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Noa Rachum

Noa is a project manager in the company and during the time she writes many funding applications for the Israel Innovation Authority and the EU.

Noa graduated from Reichman University with an L.L.B. degree in law and is currently studying for an M.A. degree in government.

As part of her professional experience as a training officer, she managed a project to implement a driving simulator in the Armored Corps. In addition, Noa served as an assistant to the Minister of Defense’s advisor. Within the framework of the Academy, she has led several projects, including the ‘Legal Clinic for the Representation of Youth ‘and legal assistance in the Economic Department of the Tel Aviv District Court.

Nereus Innovation

Nereus Innovation specializes in funding solutions for technological innovation, and assists businesses and entrepreneurs in identifying the funding sources designed to support the development of innovative products and new production processes. Nereus provides clients with a comprehensive service, from identifying funding sources to writing and developing applications, monitoring projects’ progress throughout as well as their execution once the funding has been obtained.

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